Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Facing Facts

I heard on the Tamar Yonah Show, that Israel has given land to Americans for weapons storage, and G-d know what else. A friend was involved in its building and planning. I pass this facility (looks more like a small town) daily to and from work.

Also, didn't C.Rice say last week(?) that both leaders of Israel and the PA are to weak to attain peace? By weakening the Israeli Gov't in the world's eyes, I think they are setting up a foreign governance. I thing it's not the EU- but the UN... Led by a Korean Diplomat, who's majority is Arab.

IF this does not fit into nevuah- please provide clarity, if you can. I think that we Jews better start thinking with a "yiddishe kuppe" and getting with Torah and HaShem. Because we here in all of Israel have only one choice. Let's face facts.

A Simple Jewish woman

Emunah - Faith.

When the Avot and Imahot follwed HaShem, that was emunah.

I am only a simple Jewish woman, but if anyone tells me that my devotion is based only on what I know- what I learned- they are wrong. My very secular sibling wrote that we should all be living in Israel. That is her expression of emunah. Emunah lives in all of us. We only have to quite the voice of the yetzer harah, long enough to hear it.

Didn't Rambam give us the 13 principles of faith? Wasn't one to desire the coming of Moshiach, daily? Well isn't that an act of emunah?

Emunah is my constant companion, it is my best friend and my greatest comfort.

You see, I am a very simple woman.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Women's Voices!

Last night, at a women's only performance of Naomi& Ruth, the light was there. A whole auditorium of women who are awake. The women of Yesha are alive.

If you heard us -all 200!- sing Ani Ma'amin, the emet was bouncing off the walls. I thought as we sang- Do you hear us HaShem? Do you hear us? We are waiting. Let us see you now. For these women, for our children. For our nation.

The life we experienced before is gone. We have one single purpose. Our geula depends on those of us who are awake. I slept soundly for the first time in months. These are the women who are working with me to have bitachon, emunah, emet, and torah in our world, I am in very good company.

Now, Nava is living here too. I understand. I came on the same route. It had to be now. It had to be.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Our House is a very, very, very fine house!

First, I apologize for the long time between posts. My family has been sick with the flu for over a month. No time for the mom to sit and blog! My time was filled with pots of soup, and tlc galore!

My family live in the "west bank". We live in the Benjamin region on a not so small yishuv -"settlement". Funny, this place has been in existence for thirty years. But a Yishuv it is.

Strategically, we are able to see Ben Gurion airport, Tel Aviv, Petach Tikva, Shoham.

We live in the most beautiful surroundings, the hills of Shomron are surrounding our mountain. We have a forest, and beautiful vegetation surrounds us.

Our son attends the elementary school here, walks to and from by himself. We shop at the market, attend the library, the synagogue and have been making friends.

What's the point?

The inmates running the asylum are willing to give this area away to the terrorists who will undoubtedly be shooting kassams at Israel. The EU, who can't control their own population, are offered the opportunity to gain control of this area. nuts. absolutely nuts.

My house is lovely, we have what we need here. Space, a garden, friends to fill our Shabbat table.

We have to travel twenty minutes to get to any main city center- which is no bother at all. It's 35 minutes to Jerusalem and 45 minutes to Tel Aviv. What's the rush? I love our idyllic life. We are happy here.

Now talk has turned to evil. To give this place away is a crime. If they have no place for those from Gush Katif? Where are we 200,000 Yesha residents supposed to go?

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


News reports state that Olmert will be dismantling check points in Yehuda and Shomron. He's willing to release prisoners. He's ready to release 100 million dollars to the PA for "humanitarian" needs.

I said it before, I'll say it again- Olmert must be removed from office as should all his cabinet.

We have a problem. Liberal thing Jews have been commandeered by pacifists with suicidal tendencies. If WE cannot live as a secular Jewish country, we must bring G-d back into our thinking.

This will be a very difficult leap for many. Impossible for most.

Tell me, who in the world would have believed that all those prophesies we read about as students in modern orthodox day schools around the US, would be actually happening in our day? Not I, to be sure!

I have no hope in man, or leaders today. Many of the organized rabbinical leadership groups are thinking- what? They don't really care for anything but themselves and their pocetbooks. Have they dealt with Agunot? Have they stood up against government leadership tho prevent the expelling of Jews, orthodox!- from their homes in the land of Israel? No. They stand up for them, in honor.

I have no faith in anything but G-d. I fear Him, I love Him. Living here, in His home, I am home.

I just want it said for the record. I know that we will be okay, because Hashem would not have anything bad happen to us. If all the other prophesies came true, so will the one that He will redeem us, once and for all.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

My Son

My son is 17 years old. In six months we will be receiving a letter stating the time and place for him to report to the local IDF recruiting office with all necessary documents. He will be given a physical, and psychometric testing. He will be interviewed and put into the system.

My precious boy is idealistic, kind and believes that it is his duty to serve in G-d army.

Therein lies the problem. The IDF is not G-d's army.

My worry grows because my son is young, naive, idealistic and ripe for the picking. I worry that they'll take his great and enthusiastic attitude and abuse it by making him do things that -he will obey- are not according to proper ethics or right on the front lines and G-d forbid, in immediate danger. I want him to make a smart and educated decision. He wants to believe I am being an overprotective, overbearing mother. If he chooses this path, well, I support him as long as I know he made this decision willingly.

How can I give him what he needs? He's getting older. He's coming to the time where I can't fix it for him any more. Scary? You bet.

What can I do? I am registering my plea that we have new leadership that is focused on G-d being our strength. I beg G-d to watch over our boys-like my son, and give him the strength that equals his courage and idealism. I pray that whatever road he goes on, it its the road that G-d has chosen for him. After all, a blessed okay road surpasses a brilliant road that is not blessed!

Hopefully, my son will research, listen and make some good choices. Because this is one problem I won't be able to fix. May G-d watch over us all, and answer our prayers

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hellenism = Assimilation and Intermarriage today

Today is the sixth day of Hanukkah. I live in the land of Maccabees, the holy temple- the Beit Hamikdosh... may we have it rebuilt in our days-now.

Hellenists were jews who decided to go along with the popular culture of the Greeks. They willingly gave up practice of Judaism and service of G-d. They embraced the popular culture and in doing so became enemies to those righteous Jews who continued to embrace the practice of mitzvot, torah and service of G-d. The subjugated the religious, caused them massive loss and sadness. Pikuach nefesh, guarding a life meant nothing to the Hellenists.

Today, we have a crisis in the world. Jews are intermarrying and assimilating in the numbers of 50%. Serious business. I know. Members of my family have intermarried. Their children are given Judaism lite. What guarantee do we have that any child will hold onto their religion? None- but far more so when two parents adhere to the tenets of the same faith. Judaism is a living and breathing religion. If mom or dad are not jewish, then why shouldn't they marry a non jew? The chances of having a jewish grandchild from an intermarriage are terribly small.
Do I love the members of my family who have married non- jews? Yes, very much- without a doubt. But I do not agree with the choices they have made. A person is not born a Jew by accident.

The culture of the other nations, and secular culture is far more free and open than Judaism. I know. This pull is terribly hard to avoid. Yet the nature of who a Jew is, cannot be denied. They will forever search for truth and be lead down many roads. Until they embrace the teachings and practices of the Torah- their souls will be restless.

I know. I have returned to the mitzvot. I am finally calm- but now there is so much work to do!

The world is changing. The truth is scary, but who does it serve to not speak? I am not a useful idiot. Truth can hurt. But who says we just have sit and allow things to spiral? Who says that the naked emperor is not wearing robes? Who says that we are sleeping through serious and dangerous times?

The Macabees were the truth sayers, the activists of their time. "Who ever is with Hashem- stand on this side!"

Who do you choose to be? Which side are you on?

Monday, December 11, 2006

An Engraved Invitation

So, Mr. Ayalon says that American Aliyah can wait.

Okay, American Jewry can wait, but the writing is on the wall. Don't say you weren't warned. The few Europeans who read the signs before the shoah got out. Their grandchildren are now ostriches.

Baker is the guy creating foreign policy- no matter what they tell us. Carter is glorified as a visionary... Yet people still can't believe that America won't betray Israel.

It's beginning. Enough is enough. Consider this an engraved invitation.

So when are you coming?